Organic and biodynamic wine tasting at the foot of the Mont Ventoux with Chloé Vieubled – Œnologist


As an oenologist, I have been working in production, consulting and training for 15 years.

I have been in charge of wine making in France and Argentina and now, based at the foot of the Mont Ventoux, I offer a discovery of Ventoux wines through various options.

The elaboration of wine encompasses different elements: Terroir, the wine grower and a state of mind. At a tasting I will help you to draw on all your senses and your instinct, and master the specific language used when talking about the wine in order to form objective point of view.

© Philippe Guigon
© Philippe Guigon

…et cætera

grappe rouge

When gathering around a glass of wine we start off by testing, appreciating and analyzing, and end up remembering and reminiscing. Through tasting the wine we get to know and express ourselves more deeply.

The wines I offer to taste are produced only by local growers involved in the respect of the planet and of life.

I welcome novices and amateurs alike, anyone who is curious and interested in increasing its knowledge and pleasure in wine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.